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Betty Mason Wells
August 29, 2014 13:26:34 (EDT)
Saw my Red Pine friends had reunion this summer and decided to find site for Minne Wonka!! What memories I have of my many years...Pine Knot (1st cabin) all the way to Counselor in Training. It was a 2 month camp then. Lost my awards in basement flood, but have MANY photos. Attended from 55 on. Yes Remember the beautiful. Best friend was Craig from Louisville. Would love to connect w/many friends.

Emma Jean Maxwell Moulton
August 18, 2014 16:28:03 (EDT)
I just found this site, and it has brought back such happy memories. I was music counselor '62-'63 and loved every minute of camp. Broke my 5th metatarsal on my right foot 2nd yr. going to the loo. Had to adjust my college senior organ recital...

cyncie Hadley
August 8, 2014 15:01:03 (EDT)
I attended MWL in the mid 50s.
Does anyone remember the memorial in the woods with a view of the lake?
There was a cross in honor of someone and a circle of log benches around it.
Is it still there?
Who was the woman it honored?

Nicolette Webb Angieri
August 4, 2014 17:18:35 (EDT)
Hello, former campers. I attended MWL in '65 and '66 as a 12 and 13 year-old. I remember a fellow camper by the name of Nancy Detweiler (sp?), another nicknamed Toogie, and a Susan with whom I was pretty good friends.
There was a show that was put on one summer, a lurid melodrama in which I played a murder suspect, I believe... The protagonist was played by a girl named Julie, if memory serves.
There was also a handsome young male counselor who dubbed me "the girl with the closed-lip smile" because I refused to show my braces! I wish I could recall his name - I had a serious crush on him! (He probably had boatloads of admirers.)
One year I was there, a counselor in my cabin read to us from A Wrinkle in Time.
Anyone remember any of the above? What about the cinnamon toast? And the leeches in the lake?!
About 14 or 15 years ago, my husband, children and I drove through Three Lakes; this was my first and only visit to the area since the mid-sixties. We found the camp and learned that MWL had recently closed. The approach to the camp, the main building, the lakefront, and the place in general, seemed much as I remembered them. A beautiful place.
I would enjoy hearing from anyone from '65-'66.
Nicolette "Nicky" Webb (Angieri)
St. Louis, Missouri

Steve (webmaster)
July 23, 2014 18:17:01 (EDT)
Click to see images of the Minne Wonka camp memory book/year book from 1972 that Sherri found at a library book sale in Cleveland.

June 10, 2014 19:07:10 (EDT)
I found a Minne Wonka camp memory book/year book from 1972 at a library. Would anyone like it?

Jo Ann
May 25, 2014 12:07:22 (EDT)
I taught riding in '65 and '66 and was going to visit Wisc. this fall, is the camp still in existence? Jo Ann

Kay Springer Miller
April 6, 2014 17:02:01 (EDT)
What a wonderful site! I have many, many great memories of my summers at Minne Wonka. Are any of you contempories who might remember my cousin Nancy Jane Barnes (in 1930's) or my aunt Virginia Springer? I was there in the 1950's. Nancy Jane is in her 90's but sharp as a tack and would love to hear about memories of Minne Wonka.

Annie Davidson
March 11, 2014 19:46:16 (EDT)
Seeing that picture of Linden Lodge with Tina and Sara and so many girls I remember sharing joy with... It brings back a lot of memories. I have to dig up those memory books the next time I go back to my parents' house.

mia walters
February 15, 2014 17:16:12 (EDT)
Found a package of camp photos among boxes of family items. There are 10 B&W 1 3/4" X 2 3/4" pics - year? 40's?? Packet manufactured by Grogan Photo System Inc in Milwaukee. If anyone is interested in them, I am happy to send them on....

g heinemann
November 9, 2013 10:36:50 (EDT)
please... Anyone who can remember any of the old camp songs to email me..

Michele Robertson (now Stover)
October 12, 2013 08:36:12 (EDT)
Wow I just found this website. Tracy I remember you!!! I was always the smallest in all these pics.....It was great to look back. I still have dreams about MWL and maintain to my kids that camp memories are among the fondest in my life. I was friends with Debbie Badley and Jane Oneil....Oh what a great camp it was. Those cinnamon rolls on Sunday!! They were the best. Those years were some of the best. I remember almost all of you in the pics. Any of you remember Bye Bye Birdie? We were quite the actors on those rainy days. Best wishes to all of you!

CIssy Jones Crawford
July 6, 2013 09:14:39 (EDT)
On a recent driving trip I was surfing the web and looked up Minne Wonka. I had no idea there was this wonderful website. I, too, have so many special childhood memories. Loved seeing messages from old friends; Ann Wham, Debbie Dick, Timmy, Holly Wachs. Good memories for me- running to the bulletin board to see if you were posted for a canoe trip, Susan (tall from Texas) and her "suave rating" (never really knew what that meant!), s'mores (ate too many of those), singing in the dining room while the "jumpers" cleared the tables, crossing our fingers that we didn't get demerits for a messy cabin etc.
hi to all! Cissy

Eliza Jones Henderson
October 2, 2012 13:36:41 (EDT)
Hi Ellen,

I was just perusing the Minne Wonka site on google for the first time and found your posting and that of Laura Justiss. Wasn't that a fascinating time ? The summers I spent there in the 50's and 60's were truly some of the most memorable of my life. I wish we could go back there and do it all again. Hugs, Liza

Kristene bachmann
September 13, 2012 01:05:02 (EDT)
Does anyone remember me? I remember a lot of you, believe it or not!

Ellen Bayley Campbell
September 5, 2012 18:57:49 (EDT)
I went to Minne Wonka the summers of 1967 and 1968. What a wonderful place. What ever happened to it?Please add me to the mailing list.


Shari Wolf
August 19, 2012 19:31:34 (EDT)
I went to camp summers of '74 '75 '76. Please add me to your mail call list.



August 14, 2012 16:14:22 (EDT)
The old boat house burned down Sunday night.

Wendy Faust
August 13, 2012 15:45:40 (EDT)
Wanted to pass along that the original boathouse of Minne Wonka Lodge just burnt down on Sunday. A neighbor was injured w/burns who was helping owner try to start an old wooden Chris Craft boat in the boathouse. It blew up and the entire boathouse was lost.

Eugenie(Gigi)Armstrong Lynch
March 16, 2012 17:54:11 (EDT)
I attended Minne Wonka Summer Camp. Many of us were from St.Louis. I'm figuring 1968-1970. No doubt one of my best memories I have of my childhood. Love, loved horseback riding. Sunday services. Chapel in the Woods(?)We sang "Morning has Broken".

I so remember: movie night- "The Trouble With Angels" one year. I loved canoeing,archery,arts and crafts, WATER SKIING! Wow! the happiest of times!

Oh! Never forget the wonderful sweaters that made a home for all of our merits!

I would give a year to be able to spend one more six week Summer Camp as a 6 yr old at Minne Wonka.

I can smell the pine now. Remember that Grand hill we would race our horses up?

Gigi Armstrong Lynch (John Lynch)

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